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While the majority of people do not enjoy visiting the dentist, it is something that needs to be done to maintain good oral and dental health. By scheduling regular visits, it is possible to improve your oral hygiene and eliminate the need for any serious dental procedures. Unfortunately, children can suffer from as much dental anxiety as adults; this is why pediatric dentists are important. A pediatric dentist can help calm a child’s fears while still providing them with the necessary dental care. This article will provide information on what pediatric dentistry is, as well as how to find the ideal pediatric dentist.

What Is The Difference Between Adult And Pediatric Dentistry?

Typically, all dentists are medical professionals dealing with oral health. The main difference is that pediatric dentists specialize in dentistry among children by completing an additional three years of schooling. This additional training helps the doctor learn about child dental development, and the needs of children and infants. The understanding of children’s dental health distinguishes pediatric dentists from their adult dentistry counterparts. Some of the more specific areas of pediatric dentistry include.

Invasive And Preventative Oral Care

Pediatric dentists learn how to identify tongue thrust, tongue ties, enamel hypoplasia, baby bottle tooth decay, and other dental conditions affecting children exclusively.

Treatment Of Children Under Sedation And Anesthesia

Reputable pediatric dentists emphasize the importance of ‘nose breathing’ as compared to ‘mouth breathing‘ in children. By learning this function, the child will have a better dental visit, as well as learning how to improve their sleeping patterns.

Child Oral Development And Growth

Baby teeth are significantly different to adult teeth, and pediatric dentists learn how to manage these differences. A child’s dentist understands the eruption patterns associated with baby teeth, as well as the various stages of oral development experienced by toddlers and children.

Treatment Of Medically Compromised And Special Needs Children

Children with special needs will often require special dental care, and pediatric dentists are able to work with parents to ensure the child establishes a foundation for long-term dental health. However, pediatric dentists focus on the treatment of children and adolescents exclusively. Once the adolescent has reached the age of eighteen, the child dentist is required to refer the patient to a general or adult dentist.

How Can One Find A Pediatric Dentist?

Ask Parents For Recommendations

Potentially the best means of finding a pediatric dentist is to ask other parents for a word-of-mouth referral. By seeking recommendations from other parents, you are able to ask questions and can a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse of the dental practice. The best recommendations are often received from parents who see their children interact with the dentist, as compared to hygienists who perform the dental cleanings.

Reading Online Reviews

Another method to find a pediatric dentist is by reading online reviews. Of course, you should be wary regarding the websites as some use manipulation techniques to build a good online reputation. Try to search for best dentist in queens or for unbiased testimonials on third-party websites from contacts that can be contacted.

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